Saturday, May 9, 2009

Garden Tasks

It's summer already here in southeast Texas. I was really hoping the heat and humidity would hold off a few weeks more, as I still have about two weekends worth of work in the garden to get it ready for summer. Once summer hits, I generally stay out of the garden, other than an hour or so in the morning or evening. So every spring (and thank goodness spring starts early here - usually around mid- to late-February) the rush is on to get everything done before it becomes unbearable to work out there.

Anyway, despite the heat, I do still have a number of things to get done. Today I tackled the beds in the front of the house. They're honestly not my favorite. My house has a very formal, Greek-revival design, so only very formal (and boring!) hedges and plantings look appropriate in the front. As a result, the front is quite plain; the back is where I get to play.

So today in the front beds I weeded, trimmed the hedges, pulled out a very overgrown boxwood and pulled up several liriope. I'm not posting any pictures yet, as it's all still in a rather ugly state. Tomorrow I have to distribute all the bags of pine mulch I picked up today at Lowe's. Then I should be finished with the front beds until the fall.

Since I don't have any pictures of the front beds to show you, here are a few pictures of the back:

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  1. What a beautiful garden, you're lucky to have summer come so early!